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2016,The our brand has entered the market  and it is mainly engaged in high-end and high-quality baby strollers. Currently, the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, South Africa and South America, and has we exclusive stores in many countries.
The our brand was successfully registered in Germany in 2018 and became a registered trademark in the German market. And adhering to the German brand culture, advocating a healthy, active and safe way of travel, it  is committed to developing "safe, high quality" baby products. We always attaches great importance to product quality , strictly carry out the national 3C standard and the EU EN certification standard, and it is also committed to providing a comfortable and safe baby carriage for the baby. In order to meet the needs of increasingly diverse China and even global families.
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We believe that babies are the little angels that God sent to the world. They want our guardianship before they grow their wings. They need meticulous love. Every detail is vital.

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Love team
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         The our brand has always adhered to the brand concept of “giving your baby more love and being the dearest product of your baby”. Compared with ordinary baby strollers, We never make any  concessions on quality. We hire excellent designers to design from the angle of ergonomics. Every detail, from materials to  details of  production and testing, each stroller must be carefully crafted, and every step of the production strives for environmental protection. It is born for the baby. The frame is the skeleton of a baby stroller. For this reason, we use high-quality aluminum as the material to create a tough body. The fabric is like its skin. We use a skin-friendly fabric such as cationic cloth to feel more comfortable. The beauty thatcan be seen, the quality that can be seen, we are sincerely who want to bring the purest love to you and your baby.           The our brand is only doing healthy, safe, high-quality baby product, We are trustworthy!

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